This program is focused on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the Global Positioning System (GPS), and in the use of satellite and aerial imagery among other mapping technologies. Together, these tools are used by trained professionals to address a huge variety of applications that non-profit, industry and government organizations currently utilize and are expected to continue to use. In other words: GIS professionals are expected to be in demand for a long time.

Quick Facts

  • Learn to collect, manage and analyze geographic information.
  • Applications of GIS are limited only by people's imagination.
  • Job opportunities in San Juan County, the State of New Mexico and beyond.

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Photo of Francella Florez in office setting looking at cameraFrancella Florez | Geographic Information Systems

Employer: Dinetahdoo Cultural Resources Management
Job Title: Office Manager/GIS Specialist
Graduated Spring 2022
Why did you choose to go to San Juan College?
"I chose San Juan Collage for the GIS courses and program they offer."
What did you do or are you doing to prepare for your career? 
"I started at Dinetahdoo Cultural Resources Management (DCRM) as the office manager. I became intrigued with the different types of maps used in the projects we completed, and I wanted to learn more. I started with learning to do the legal descriptions for our reports which graduated to learning how to make the maps for our records checks. Learning these pushed me even more in wanting to learn how to make the GIS maps. So, I took the courses necessary in order to complete the certificate program."
What advice would you give to future graduates?
"No matter what your age (42) or skill level there is always, always room for growth."
What was your fondest memory at San Juan College?
"My instructors (Brian and Rich) were exceptional. I love how passionate they both are about what they teach but at the same time they make learning GIS fun."